Gazan Thalassemic Children Plead For Life

By Saleh Jadallah | Bernama | Aug 3, 2011

GAZA STRIP, Aug 3 (Bernama) — Palestinian children infected with Thalassemia have called on the international community and human rights organisations to exert pressure on Israel to end its blockade imposed on Gaza since 2007.

The Gaza-based ministry of health reported that 75 children are facing a death risk due to shortage of 25 items of drugs needed for Thalassemic patients.

t further pointed out that the ministry lacked 23 items of medical disposals.

Thalassemic patient Wala Mosleh, 11, appealed to the international community to put an immediate end to the medicine crisis.

The girl, who has been suffering from Thalassemi for seven years, visits the hospital twice a week to receive sufficient blood because of chronic blood loss.

“We demand our legitimate right to treatment. We are facing slow death…if we do not receive the medicines, we will die slowly. Where is justice in this world?,” the girl asked Bernama.

Some of the Thalassemic children held a press conference with the ministry officials to highlight their deteriorating health. The children held banners in Arabic which read: “You are having headache because you are fasting during Ramadan. I have chronic headache.”

A 14-year-old Palestinian boy, Salah Al-Khaldi, another Thalassemic patient, said his situation was getting worse while the medicine crisis prolonged.

“The blockade is unfair. Where are the human rights organisations? Is it not a crime to leave us to face death?,” he asked.

Ministry official Ashraf Al-Kedra told the media that thousands of Gazan patients faced imminent death.

Sparing medicines for only urgent cases, he noted that the ministry had to reduce the number of surgeries.

Recently, three of five Palestinian newborn twins born in the blockaded Gaza died while the other two newborns are in desperate need for precise care to save their lives.




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