Largest West Bank Outpost Ordered Dismantled by Israel’s Supreme Court

PNN – Palestine News Network – 03.08.11 – 12:34

In an unprecedented ruling, the Israeli Supreme Court called on Tuesday for the state to dismantle by April 2012 the largest West Bank settlement that is illegal by Israeli law, the outpost of Migron which is home to some 50 families.


Israeli Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch

The Israeli government received harsh criticism from Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch for failing to dismantle the outpost. Beinisch said that the Supreme Court has tried to show restraint despite the blatant illegality of the outpost and despite the earlier promises from the state that it would dismantle the outpost and after the state had admitted that it was in fact built on lands belonging to Palestinians.

“There is no doubt, that according to Israeli law, no settlements can be built on private lands of Palestinians,” Beinisch said.

The Supreme Court ruled that they understood how difficult it would be to dismantle such an outpost, but it noted that much could have have been avoided if the state had better enforced the law to begin with and had prevented the construction of Migron in the first place.

The decision follows a petition filed by the Peace Now movement.

A political storm will likely erupt among the West Bank settlements due to the decision to dismantle an outpost as large as Migron.

The move brings the subject of settlements back onto the court’s agenda and it marks the first time the Supreme Court has ordered the state to dismantle an outpost in the West Bank.


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