Law Proposed in Knesset Would Make Israel ‘Jewish’ Instead of ‘Jewish and Democratic’

PNN – Palestine News Network – 04.08.11 – 11:08

Tel Aviv – PNN – Forty Israeli MKs proposed a law on Wednesday that would change Israel’s definition as a “Jewish and democratic state” to “the national home for the Jewish people.”


Israeli Knesset, PNN archives

The bill was supported by MKs from the right-wing governing parties as well as 20 of the 28 centrist Kadima MKs and some Labor MKs.

Knesset sources told Israeli daily Haaretz the bill is expected to pass during the winter sitting of the Israeli parliament.

The bill also proposes that courts prefer Israel’s Jewish character over its democratic character when the two identities clash and will make Hebrew the only official language, while retaining “linguistic access to the services of state” for Arabic speakers.

The think tank Institute for Zionist Strategies helped draft the bill. Their website describes the organization as working to “ensure the continuation of the State of Israel as both a Jewish and a viable democratic state.”

The bill calls for an increase in Jewish immigration to Israel and money to help settle new Jewish immigrants.


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