Some Kadima MKs Withdraw Support for Bill Eliminating Arabic and English as Official Languages

PNN – Palestine News Network – 05.08.11 – 11:04

Tel Aviv – PNN – After initially supporting a bill in the Israeli parliament that would change Israel’s definition as a “Jewish and democratic state” to “the national home of the Jewish people,” several MKs from the opposition Kadima party withdrew their signatures from the bill.


Israeli Knesset, PNN archives

The bill would also eliminate Arabic and English as official languages of Israel, making Hebrew the only official language.

Knesset sources said the bill has broad support and will most likely pass in the Knesset’s winter session.

Kadima MK Avi Dichter, who helped design the bill, said defining Israel as the home of the Jewish people will help push off “radicals” who hope to establish a binational state incorporating the Palestinians into Israel.

This year’s summer session of the Knesset saw the passage of many controversial bills into law, including the anti-boycott law that allows people to sue those who call for a boycott against Israeli products or Israeli settlements.

A bill to establish parliamentary committees to investigate human rights organizations accused of working against Israel did not pass but laws limiting the freedom of movement of migrant workers did.

Another bill which will up the amount of time illegal immigrants can be detained from 60 days to three years passed first reading. The same bill seeks to punish organizations that help or shelter illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.


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