The crisis of medicines reached a grave level

The crisis of medicines reached a grave level


Al Qassam website– Gaza- senior health official warned that the crisis of medicines and medical consumables have reached a dangerous level threatening the lives of patients in Gaza hospitals and became much worse than the situation that preceded the Israeli war.

Information director at the Palestinian health ministry Ashraf Al-Qudra told a news conference held in Abdul-Aziz Arrantisi hospital on Wednesday that the depletion of large quantities of medicines reflected directly on the five twins from Abu Diya family who suffers from incomplete growth and lung problems.

Qudra added that the lives of more than 75 children suffering from thalassemia are in real danger after 25 types of medicines and 23 of medical disposables necessary for their health care ran out from Gaza hospitals.

He noted that the number of patients who wait for their turn to undergo surgery have increased after the health ministry declared a state of emergency and minimized surgical operations because of this crisis.

The official also pointed out that the health ministry in Gaza provides 95 percent of health services to Palestinian citizens and its drug stores and medical centers suffer from an acute shortage of medical supplies.

The official appealed to the international community, the UN and the international quartet on the middle east to pressure Israel to end its blockade on Gaza and make the government of Mahmoud Abbas send fully and urgently all medical needs allocated to Gaza.


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