Masri: Unleashing resistance forces best response against Jewish settlement

[ 06/08/2011 – 12:11 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri said that unleashing the West Bank resistance forces and ending security coordination is the best response against Israeli settlement.

The statement came after the Jerusalem municipality’s recent approval for the construction of 930 new housing units in the Israeli settlement Har Homa beyond the Green Line.

The decision attests to that the Zionist mentality is to uproot the indigenous people, especially those in Jerusalem, Masri said in comments on Saturday.

Masri said that Israel is ‘’swallowing up’’ the city in stages with settlement and displacement of its residents, starting with Palestinian politicians and figures, but not ending with the removal of Jerusalem’s landmarks and names and attempts to erase the Muslim and Christian presence in the city so that the Jewish character prevails.

Masri further said he rejected Israel’s settlement policies in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and stressed that the continued ‘’intrusion’’ called for releasing the West Bank resistance forces and ending the Palestinian Authority’s security coordination with Israel and uniting in the face of the large-scale settlement plan.

He also called for resistance forces in the West Bank to aim strikes at Israel, saying that the calm is what has given the Israelis the courage to target the land.


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