Some of entitled medicines to arrive in Gaza in days

[ 07/08/2011 – 04:34 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Munir al-Bersh, the Gaza health ministry’s director-general of pharmaceuticals, said a portion of entitled medicines are scheduled to arrive in the Gaza Strip within the next few days.

Bersh said the health ministry has contacted organizations both at home and abroad in a bid to pressure the health ministry in the West Bank to dispatch Gaza’s share of medicines provided by the World Bank.

He said medical security in Gaza has been steadily declining, as more and more medicines run out daily. The situation signals a medical disaster should the crisis continue, he warned.

“For a long time, no medicines or medical consumables that have run out in the health ministry’s warehouses had been supplied,” Bersh said, putting the current number of missing medicines at 180 and of medical consumables at 149.

The health ministry declared in early June an acute medical crisis in the Gaza Strip, assigning blame to its counterpart in the West Bank. It said the West Bank ministry was hoarding Gaza’s share of medical supplies, determined to be 40 percent of what the World Bank provides to the split Palestinian territories.


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