Feminist triumph in West Bank somehow escapes probing eye of western media

Seham | August 7, 2011 | Mondoweiss

The Western media rarely misses stories about honor killings in the Arab world because it’s an opportunity to make Arabs look like savages while pretending to care about Arab or Muslim women, but, they managed to ignore this one. Ma’an: West Bank murder smashed the lie of ‘honor killings’

As details of Aya’s murder became public, it sparked a wave of outrage that spread across the southern West Bank, with people taking to the streets to demand changes to the law.

Thousands turned out to mourn at her funeral, and the ceremony was covered live on Palestinian television, a first for such a crime.

It was during the broadcast that a top Palestinian official rang through to pledge that Abbas would change the law, in a move that won the backing of three-quarters of the Palestinian population, a poll taken in June showed.

“Because we spoke out and knocked on doors, people are showing solidarity in Aya’s case, which has now become a case for all girls,” said family member Yasser Al-Baradiya.

“If we hadn’t, this crime would have been ignored like all the others.”

It was a step women’s campaigners have been fighting to achieve for years.

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