Isarel bans families from visiting their sons jailed in 1948 occupied lands

[ 08/08/2011 – 12:30 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– The prisoners’ center for studies said the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) decided to prevent some families of Palestinian prisoners in its jails from entering the 1948 occupied lands to visit their sons at the pretext they made violations.

Prisoners in Shatta jail told the center that the Israeli police interrogated some families during their visit to their sons last week before the IOA decided to ban them from crossing the green line and the 1948 occupied lands for periods extending from five to 17 years on allegation of smuggling mobile phones into the prison.

The ban decision was issued against the families of prisoners, Ali Sa’eed, Jawwad Shalhaty, Annan Shalaby, Ahmed Kafina, Abdul-Azim Abdul-Haq and Ra’ed Al-Hindi and all of them are from Nablus city, according to a statement by the prisoners’ center on Monday.

The prison administration, for its part, decided to punish the aforementioned prisoners by depriving them of buying anything from the cafeteria and seeing their families for a whole month, and imposed on each of them a fine of 400 shekels.

In a separate incident, the family of Fatima Takatiqa, a 72-year old mother from Beit Fajar town south of Bethlehem city, said the IOA prevents her from entering the occupied city of Jerusalem to receive medical treatment because of the security ban imposed on some prisoners and their families.

Fatima is the mother of prisoner Mohamed Takatiqa who has been in jail since 1993 and is serving four life sentences on a charge of his affilation with Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

The aged mother suffers from serious lung problems and tried hard to get permission to receive treatment in Al-Maqased hospital, but to no avail.


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