Palestinian residents of Silwan suffer under the City of David settlement “improvement” project – in pictures

Monday, 8 August, 2011 | 17:09 |  Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) — Israeli developers overseeing the “Improvement of the City of David settlement ” project in Silwan are engaging in underhanded retaliation to the Israeli Supreme Court’s ruling that an important part of  the construction project is illegal. Those punished are the residents of Silwan themselves.

Israeli construction crews have taken to working on the streets of Silwan themselves, leaving gaping holes in the roads, a serious safety issue for residents. Many children, women and elderly people have already been injured when falling into the holes, and indeed several cars have crashed as a result.

Despite complaints lodged by the residents of mWadi Hilweh, the worst-affected district of Silwan, Israeli authorities have paid no attention thus far, instead spreading rumours to sow disunity amongst the community.

Authorities have requested that the court’s decision be waived in order to complete the project, a request that has been refused. Muriya, the company contracted for the project, have stated however that they intend to complete the contested Wadi Hilweh parking lot project.

The Jerusalem Municipality intends to eliminate street parking on Wadi Hilweh Street, claiming that the street is not wide enough, without offering a viable alternative to the community. The “Improvement” project is of benefit only to the settlement movement in Silwan and the associated tourism industry. The Municipality has a strong working relationship with settlement association Elad, a relationship that translates into unbridled support for the settlement enterprise in the village.

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