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Aug 11, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1520 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!

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Israeli commander says waiting for 1 stone so his ‘soldiers can fuck this village up’ – Live Updates & Pictures | July 31, 2011

Live updates catched Israeli Soldiers Hijacking Tweep @Abou_Charlie ‘s Phone To Send Out Lies | July 29, 2011

Israeli Soldier: “We follow you at Twitter!” (at 2:47 min) – video

Make A Dream Come True : Just Once, Please – for Nader K.

Continuous updates..
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Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White:

The Tent Protests in Israel

Refusing to Be Enemies – Book Review

Turkey braces for massive refugee influx from Syria

Erekat: UN bid not coordinated with Hamas

Israeli protest leader says UK riots ‘warning sign’

Israeli army arrests activists in West Bank

The road to New York goes through Lebanon and Qatar

Sources of fun dwindle for Gaza’s children

US Mideast policy: Well on its way to total irrelevance

Number of West Bankers who refuse to comply with summonses on the rise

PA proves ‘unserious’ about reconciliation

The American ambassador’s Twitter diplomacy

Call from Gaza: open the Rafah crossing permanently and unconditionally

Palestinian university ranks seventh in Arab world

Health ministry: Cancer patients are exposed to pharmaceutical piracy

Israeli police arrest four Jerusalemite minors

Hasbarapocalyps! Did Israel just stop ‘spectacular’ terror attack?

Requests from Israel government to Google asking for user info increased 80% last six months.

Silence is complicity– Palestinian issues shouldn’t be excluded from #J14 | The Electronic Intifada by @JalalAK_jojo:

MP Masri holds Israel responsible for consequences of its Judaization plans

Longest held administrative detainee arrested again

AIPAC’s European cousin evades scrutiny

Turkey supports construction of new university hospital in Gaza

Gaza, Somalia: Humanity lives on

Huge Financial Aids to NGOs to divert Youth from Confronting Zionist Enemy

Hoyer uses AIPAC Israel junket to promise US veto on Palestinian statehood

Arabs to urge yes vote on Palestinian UN bid

PCHR Weekly Report of human Rights violations in Palestine

U.S. Warns Hamas on Possible Withdrawal of Gaza Aid Over Audit Dispute

Throwing rocks at the occupation – and Western prejudice too ~ by Linah Alsaafin

أبو مازن: المسئولية الأمنية لدولة فلسطين القادمة من اختصاص الناتو

Abbas and El-Arabi Discuss Palestinian Statehood Efforts

UN Urges Israel Not to Proceed with New Settlements

Israel approves 1,600 new settlement homes, Interior Minister/Deputy PM says 2,700 more coming:

NEW Special Focus! FREE articles on Palestinian Refugees check them out here

Throwing rocks at the occupation — and Western prejudice too

مع ماكسيم شيفشينكو المقدم في القناة الروسية الاولى والمؤيد للحق الفلسطيني.. في وجه التهدديات الصهيونية

Racist Comment of the “Jewess” Barbara Spectre – video

Saudi Arabia pledges $71 million for Gaza housing – UNRWA press release 10/08/2011:

AIPAC’s European cousin evades scrutiny

Israel prepares for clashes with Syria

Silwan under siege

Jewish settlers seize Palestinian homes by force

IOA flattens Palestinian home in occupied Jerusalem

Abbas congratulates Haneyya on Ramadan, confirms will for reconciliation

Young make up one-third of Palestinian population

100 Palestinians refuse security summonses since reconciliation agreement

Enough with the US/Israeli excuses against Palestine’s statehood

‘All hands’ needed to repel Palestine bid, Oren tells Jewish Dems

UN envoy alarmed by ‘provocative’ settlement plan

Israel army ‘preparing for #Syria tension after #UN bid’

Israel’s Lieberman rules out flotilla apology

Sweden Grants 4 Million Euros to Palestinian Authority

Abbas and Haniyeh Discuss Palestinian Interests

Video: A group of activists bicycled from London to Palestine this spring and upholding BDS was among their core goals

Black-out. Un test avant une nouvelle attaque ?

Israel routinely issues administrative detention orders based on “confessions” coerced from Palestinian detainees

Shocked by the number of US lawmakers visiting Israel? Israel lobby’s ‘European cousin’ is doing same!

Britain denies entry to Israeli rabbi who advocated killing of non-Jews

UFree demands IOA to release Jazeera reporter Allawi right away

Prisoner falls into coma amid medical neglect at Negev prison

IOA sanctions the building of 1600 settlement units in OJ

Republican presidential candidate wants to destroy UN if it recognizes Palestine

Ministry of prisoners calls for ending Israel’s crimes against female detainees

IOF serves demolition notice to owner of water well

MP Yousuf appeals for curbing Israel’s violations against Palestinian MPs

Victims Cannot Be Forgotten: PLO Must Pursue ‘Goldstone’ Accountability at UN General Assembly

Hamas issues report on violations against historic Ma’manullah cemetery

Israel Backs Out of Apology to Turkey

Hasbarapocalyps in the making: Israelis in UK advised to stay vigilant,7340,L-4107401,00.html

IOA worried about London-like riots and looting.,7340,L-4107431,00.html

11 soldiers of Israel stage ‘AWOL #protest’ #EndOFCivilDisobedience

And 4 the total paradox & hasbarapocalyps of TODAY: President Peres meets SOCIAL TEAM!

Oh and more “Drama” Guillotine display stuns Rothschild’s ‘tent city’ :

Palestinian presidency slams new Israeli settlements

They try to steal our history, not just our land

avinunu: Israel is the sole beneficiary of occupation, but it is fully funded by US, EU, Arab states, Palestinian taxes, etc. Stop paying for it.

Iran invites Kuwait to Intifada conference

Israel uses “primitive, racist” policies against Palestinian prisoners

Katsav attorney: Media demonized my client

Haredim protest Jerusalem summer events,7340,L-4107546,00.html

Unbridled Bias: The US may veto, but a Palestine State will still be recognized by the World-Daily Star:

Israeli occupation forces launch arrest campaign in Hebron – video

The congress is in session, it turns out … in Israel

Israel approves 1,600 Jerusalem settler homes

Bibi “Believes” UN Recognition Of State Diminishes Peace

Jewish settlers infiltrate Al-Khalil under police protection

I CARE – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe

Aug 30, 2010 BEFORE Peacetalks Bibi VOWED: NO CONCESSIONS the eretz = ( from medi to river jordan INCL WB)

Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades mourns the death of Shaheed Ali Al Haj

Mishaal confers with Qatari Emir on Palestine developments

New bill to make all in Israel subject to Judaic religious law

Palestinians Prisoners Languish in Administrative Detention (Mel Frykberg, Inter Press Service): …

Israel approves 4300 new settlement homes in Jerusalem

Feeling the pain of ‘others’: Humanity lives on ~ by Ramzy Baroud

Az-Zahhar: Unity ‘worthless’ until government formed

” Does Abbas PA have any Palestinian at all behind its UN fakestatehood effort?”

Israel approves 1,600 Jerusalem settler homes

Man detained by soldiers after 40 days on release from jail

Al-Qassam brigades member killed in explosion

Gaza’s beach is a popular choice for those wishing to relax, but not everyone can afford to get there

Israel’s interior minister gave final authorization to 1,600 apartments in Jerusalem and will approve 2,700 more.

By flocking en masse to Israel & swearing to veto, Congress actually strengthens Abbas’ argument for going to the UN

‪Al-Walaje Demo | August 10, 2011‏ – video

اجتماع للفصائل بعد اسبوعين وملف معتقلي حماس سينتهي قبل العيد: نشر بتاريخ 10/08/2011 الساعة 20:13 (بتوقيت القدس)

PalTel officials are changing their story. Nahal Oz lines were cut two weeks ago by Israel and Erez lines cut yesterday.!/bangpound/status/101354580528476160

A memo for Israelis. Get your revolution first, ask for cookies later. #J14

3arabawy: ‘Thousands will stand up to the racist EDL’

US envoy to TLV tweets visits 2 IDF missile batteries, but not State Department condemnations 4 settlements

Palestinian old woman wounded in IOF shooting

Israeli military prosecutor demands banishment of Palestinian minor

JIDF and the Megaphonies Take Down Reddit Page Pointing Out Their Existence

avinunu: #GazaBlackout shows just how easily Israel can electronically isolate entire Gaza population already under its brutal siege.

Call From Gaza: Open The Rafah Crossing Permanently And Unconditionally. Please read, sign & share!

UK theater artists issue petition denouncing ‘brutal attack on cultural icon’

11 detained at rally near Bethlehem

IOF detained 11 protesters Wednesday afternoon during a rally in the village of Al-#Walaja, near Bethlehem. Photos

JIDF and the Megaphonies Take Down Reddit Page Pointing Out Their Existence

Close Enough to Touch: A view from Ramallah

Does your Congressperson represent you – or Israel?

A PALESTINIAN VIEW: West Bank wall: Illegal, unjust and ultimately destructive

Black Ops: A Fifteen-Hour Blackout Story

Congressman: US ready to veto recognition bid

Israel Army Arrest 4 kids in Hebron

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