Israel Occupation Forces serves demolition notice to owner of water well

[ 11/08/2011 – 11:30 AM ]

JERICHO, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) served a notice to a Palestinian citizen in Nuwaima village, Jericho province, that his water well would be razed because it was built without permit in area C of the West Bank.

Local sources charged that the notice fell in line with the Israeli occupation authority’s war against the Palestinian population’s water resources in the West Bank in general and in Jericho in particular.

They said that the IOA wants to turn the Palestinian land into land not fit for cultivation and thus force its owners to desert it.

Zuhair Manasra, the head of the society of palm growers in Jericho, refuted the IOA claim that the water well was located in C area, adding that it is located in A area.

He said that the IOA decision would lead to the death of palm trees in the entire area, noting that it contains 4000 trees.

The IOA seeks to redirect all water resources in the Jordan Valley to serve 30 Jewish settlements there inhabited by 9500 settlers who consume double the consumption of the entire Palestinian population in the West Bank.



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