Longest held administrative detainee arrested again

[ 11/08/2011 – 12:50 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The longest held Palestinian prisoner in administrative detention Ayed Dudin, 44, has once again been arrested just 40 days after being released.

Prior to the incident, Dudin had been kept in administrative detention without an indictment for four years.

He is considered the first case observed by the “Prisoners at Risk” campaign launched by the Aldameer Assocaiton for Human Rights in April. The association’s lawyers had followed his case and filed international petitions contesting his administrative detention.

At around 2am Tuesday morning, the Dudins’ residence in Al-Khalil governorate was raided by an Israeli force of 50 soldiers, the family said. Everyone was ordered to evacuate the home as items in it were manhandled and people terrified during a search. In addition, rocks were reported to have been thrown at the residence by soldiers and one of the doors was left broken.

A computer and two mobile phones were also confiscated during the search.

But the officers failed to inform the family the reason for the arrest or where Dudin would be taken.

In a statement, Aldameer condemned the arrest, considering it a step aimed at breaking down Palestinian reconciliation efforts and one illegal according to the fourth Geneva convention.

The association said the arrest came amid motives of revenge, pledging to further follow his case until Dudin is set free.


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