PA proves ‘unserious’ about reconciliation

[ 10/08/2011 – 04:40 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian MP Ahmed Abdul-Aziz Mubarak (Ramallah) said Wednesday that continued persecution of Hamas in the West Bank concludes that the Palestinian Authority has no control over its security forces and is not serious about the reconciliation process.

He said the PA has been using reconciliation as a “gambling chip” so the U.S. and Quartet would pressure Israel into meeting some of its demands, enabling it to return to peace talks with Israel and save face with the people.

Talks held by Fatah and Hamas in Cairo on Sunday recommended the release of all political prisoners by the end of Ramadan.

MP Mubarak said in a press statement that the PA security agencies’ recent string of arrests confirms that PA plans on going back to the negotiation table, “among whose main conditions is to strike the infrastructure of Hamas and the rest of the resistance forces opposed to negotiations”.

With regards to the probability of the security agencies coming up with scenarios to thwart the Fatah-Hamas unity deal, Mubarak said the agencies are interested in mobilizing the agendas of its sponsors and funders and not any national agenda.

“Therefore, they are keen not to complete the reconciliation process because it goes against the interests of those who have declared opposition to the reconciliation. Its continued aggression confirms what has been said.”

Mubarak called on Fatah to issue an apology to the Palestinian people as well as to Hamas for the arrests and killings that have transpired since the 2006 elections and continues to this day.

“It has become clear to everyone who is responsible for the incidents that led to the split,” he said.


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