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Aug 13, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1522 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!

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Israeli commander says waiting for 1 stone so his ‘soldiers can fuck this village up’ – Live Updates & Pictures | July 31, 2011

Live updates catched Israeli Soldiers Hijacking Tweep @Abou_Charlie ‘s Phone To Send Out Lies | July 29, 2011

Israeli Soldier: “We follow you at Twitter!” (at 2:47 min) – video

Make A Dream Come True : Just Once, Please – for Nader K.

Continuous updates..
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Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White:

Israeli tent protests ignore link between neoliberalism, occupation

State Dept funding neocon-Zionist propaganda outfit

Police detain 34 Palestinians at Allenby border crossing

Abbas, Peres had 4 secret “dates” :

Illegal settlement, Qadumim, upheld over Kufr Qaddoum’s rights – video

Three children injured by Israeli troops in non-violent anti-Wall demonstrations

“Palestinians” (read AbuMazen’s PA) to seek #UN Fake Occupied statehood vote next month: foreign min

UAE charity hands out food aid in Palestine

Dozens injured as IOF suppresses West Bank demonstrations

Teenager hurt by suspicious object in Tubas

Elections commission begins registration

The Zionist entity has stepped up its violations of international law instead of advancing the peace :

Russia slams Israeli decision to build new housing units in O. Jerusalem

Settler incursions intended to prevent Muslims from heading towards the Aqsa Mosque

UNRWA closes Jenin offices

10 hurt in Tulkarem accident

Hizb ut-Tahrir accuses PLO of betrayal

HASBARA | DANON: Why Turkey should apologize to Israel – Washington Times

Hamas, USAID reach Gaza deal –

Oslo’s Other Tragedy

The global uprising begins to take shape

Jewish settlers seize Palestinian homes in Hebron’s Old City

One Palestinian Arrested and Beaten at Demonstration:

تعزية ومواساة بوفاة العلاَّمة الشيخ عبد الرَّحمن شيبان

81 US lawmakers in Israel on ‘tour’ sponsored by Zionist lobbying group

‘Continued ethnic cleansing in Palestine | VIDEO |

‘West not after peace in Palestine’

‘UNRWA Watch’ looks to improve refugee agency

Abu Marzouk: Any premier should be nationally agreed upon

Palestine/Ramadan: Almost 200000 Muslims Attend Friday Prayer at Al-Aqsa –

Condemnation from the International Community as Israel Plans Settlement Expansion

Palestinian activists form committee to watch UNRWA –

Women victims of Israeli occupation

Israel commander quits over sex abuse

Why boycott Israel?

Discrimination israelienne: article de Nurit Peled et commentaire d’Omar Barghouti

Israeli military forces attack the freedom of theatre

Hamas: Foreigners must obtain visa to enter Gaza –

US Congressional candidate believes Israel aims to destroy al-Aqsa Mosque

Hebron man missing after saving cousins from drowning :

Boycott rally held in Jenin

Palestinian worker dies after falling from building

The Freedom Theatre |  Open Letter to the Israeli Security Apparatus

Palestinian shepherd severely injured in landmine blast north of Jordan Valley

Area C feels the effects of Israel’s power

Largest ever Gaza convoy next December

Israeli soldiers torch dozens of olive trees in W. Bank village

Abu Mazen  Meets US Consul General in Jerusalem

For all #Palestinians in #US, there is a special FB page, are you in the US? Join | #Palestine | Spread it…

Palestinian Americans Plan Rally Next September in Support of UN Bid

#Holland: Nationwide protestday against degradation cabinet more at on Sept 19, 2011
( via .@maryhellebreker )

International Mine Awareness Day: Israel Uses Unsafe Removal Methods

Historic Legislation Paves Way to a Mine-Free Israel

Mine-Free Israel? It Can Be Done! (febr 2010)

In #Golan
#Syria: which is illegally occupied by Israel: READ UP: Golan – Israeli Violations of International Law

File complaints with the Federal Communications Commission against BART at and #OpBART

#WAKEUPCALL! Israel has a MINEFIELD CLEARANCE LAW! but in stead of clearing the over 1 MILLION mines in WB and GAZA, they plant MORE MINES

Mines are an excuse for Israel’s imaginary threats-scenarios and AIM to kill as much as possible, esp on grounds which are NOT EVEN THEIRS!

International Mine Awareness Days : Israel Uses Unsafe Removal Methods : but IOA does not care about safety

In febr 2010 the media stated: Mine-Free Israel? It Can Be Done! (febr 2010), while now, IOA is paving mines in #Golan

Last yr 12 yr old called Daniel Yuval campaigned & succesfulgot IOA govt voting for a law AGAINST mines:

Israel army plants new mines along Syria border

SFGate (Aug 13) BART police requested shutdown w/ interim G Manager Sherwood Wakeman’s permission:

Palestine Video: Hamas calls on Fatah activists to return to Gaza

New Blog added: Mud & Money Uncesored at |
More Palestine Bloggers & Activism | فلسطين

Money & Mud Uncensored

Israel, furieux du succès du BDS Suisse

Qu’il enrage, nous on continue #Boycott

Yousef: Netanyahu obstructed Shalit deal

Al-Quds Brigades warns of possible Israeli aggression

Intern. Community Should Support Palestinian Independent State in UN, Says Erekat

Israel rejects ‘message of weakness’

Abu Mazen (prob suffering Alzheimer) Reiterates (Again) Plan to Submit UN Bid 4 fakeoccupiedstatehood:

Taking #BDS to #American suburban hell

Israeli forces arrest 4 youth in dawn raids in Occupied Jerusalem:

Netherlands donates to the “UNRWA” emergency program in the West Bank and Gaza

J14 Tent Protests: What about the occupation?

Who says the Goldstone report didn’t have effect in Israel and remembering war crimes?

Gaza foreign minister denies USAID froze operations in the Strip

PA sets date for UN statehood bid

Israel’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi to Glenn Beck: ‘G-d will bless you for what you did’

Egyptian FM: Building new housing units in OJ “big crime”

Building A Home in the Village of Thabrah

Israeli intelligence tried to recruit al-Jazeera journalist

Sand houses defy Gaza shortages

The OccupiedPalestine Daily is out!

A different kind of housing crisis

MRZine now in bed with Zionist propaganda outlets

Israeli protests fight injustice – as long as it’s convenient… ~ by @ibnezra

Israeli Hasbara Team Unable to Travel Carefree in South Africa: BDS Movement Credited

Israel army plants new mines along Syria border

International Condemnation Of Plan To Expand East Jerusalem Settlement

Palestinian Wounded in Israeli Landmine Explosion

Quand le Hamas était l’allié d’Israël. Oui oui, vous avez bien lu.

Is it a new measure to kill the besieged Gaza Strip ?

Israel readies as protests set to spread

Qurei slams settlement expansion as ‘recklessness’

Envoy: World must act against ‘colonization campaign’

Aid to PA exacerbating disunity, group says

Haneyya has Iftar with orphans

Hamas calls on Lebanon to adopt civil rights of Palestinian refugees

170 thousand worshipers attend Friday prayers at Aqsa Mosque

I’m also curious if Arab Jews find the “Arab-Jewish conflict” to be “inescapable.”

Abbas reiterates plan to submit UN bid

Gaza government: No crisis with NGOs, USAID :

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