Largest ever Gaza convoy next December

Read here the official Announcement. Contacdetails for enlisting/participation included | It’s time to end this siege for good.

[ 13/08/2011 – 02:28 PM ]

LONDON, (PIC)– A pro-Palestinian organization in Britain has announced that the largest ever siege-busting convoy would head to Gaza by the end of 2011.

On its official website, Viva Palestina said the convoy would be the largest yet since the pro-Palestinian movement was formed five years ago in the wake of Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip. The convoy is expected to witness major involvement from the Egyptians.

The statement calls for contributors to collect donations for the convoy, which is expected to be launched 27 December, with the goal of supplying the Gaza Strip with sensitive medical supplies it has lacked in light of the siege.

It explained that the escalating democratic atmosphere in Egypt will play an important role in ending the siege, “as Egyptian civil organizations will participate in the joint act with Viva Palestina in order to spare a million and a half Palestinians from another year of suffering inside the largest prison in the world.”

The statement goes on to say that the partial opening of the Strip’s crossings hasn’t made improvement on the conditions of Palestinians, “whose suffering continues because of the inhumane, unjust blockade,” calling for a response to the calls of Palestinian civil society organizations to open the Rafah border crossing for commodities that are in severe drought in the Strip.


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