Palestinian shepherd severely injured in landmine blast north of Jordan Valley

[ 13/08/2011 – 02:23 PM ]

TUBAS, (PIC)– A Palestinian shepherd sustained moderate to severe injuries on Friday when an Israeli landmine exploded at him as he was grazing sheep in the northern part of Jordan Valley east of Tubas city.

Local sources said that Ahmed Eid was taken by a civilian car to an Israeli military checkpoint near the area and then transferred from there by an ambulance to a medical center in Tubas.

Ahmed stayed bleeding for half an hour in the scene before he was spotted by Palestinian citizens in the area.

According to the sources, he lost four fingers of his right hand and sustained shrapnel wounds in his neck and after he was given fist aid, he was transferred to Refidia hospital in Nablus city.

51 minefields have been established by the Israeli occupation state since 1967 in the Palestinian lands, especially in Jordan Valley and north and south of the West Bank.

A Palestinian citizen from Jordan Valley told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that these landmines detonate by contact with any person, which led to the injury and death of hundreds of Palestinian citizens.

He added these landmines can be found adjacent to some nomadic communities, like Khirbet Yezra and Wadi Al-Maleh, and around their homes, grazing lands and water wells.

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper had said in a report that the Israeli landmines extend over 300,000 dunums of the total historical Palestinian lands, most of them fertile lands.


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