UN slams Israel’s settlement go-ahead


PressTV –  Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:46AM GMT

Israel’s illegal settlement units being constructed in the West Bank. (File photo)
The United Nations has condemned Tel Aviv’s approval for the construction of 1,600 illegal units in the occupied territories and called the move a “provocative action.”

“If confirmed, this provocative action undermines ongoing efforts by the international community to bring the parties back to negotiations,” said Robert Serry, UN coordinator for the Middle East.

He further added that the plan was both criticized and opposed by the international community after it had been announced last year, dpa reported on Thursday.

The Israeli regime approved the construction of the 1,600 illegal units in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood in East al-Quds (East Jerusalem) on Thursday.

The plan, however, was announced last year after the Israeli regime resumed the expansion of settlements in occupied Palestinian territories after a 10-month partial freeze that prompted the Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders to break off the US-sponsored talks with Tel Aviv that had resumed after a lengthy stalemate.

Tel Aviv also plans to authorize the construction of a further 2,700 illegal units in the occupied land within the coming days.

Moreover, Israel has claimed that the construction has been endorsed as it is currently faced with an “economic crisis.”

Israelis have been protesting against rising house prices and social inequalities since mid-July. The protesters demand a new taxation system (lower indirect taxes, higher direct taxes), free education and childcare, an end to the privatization of state-owned companies and more investment in social housing and public transport.



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