Israel uses mercenaries to kill innocents

Israel uses mercenaries to kill innocents

13-08-2011,17:39  – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website– Gaza- Israeli occupation war army forces new emigrants to enlist as cheap mercenaries in its occupation army to kill Palestinian civilians in West Bank and Gaza.

Israeli ma’arev newspaper reported that Israeli occupation army forces mercenaries from non-Jews  who working in its army to accept the Jewish religion as an initial procedure once they are recruited in the military service.

The Israeli newspaper displayed some photos for some strange faces wearing the official Israeli military uniform with M16 rifles in their hands, meanwhile, it has released some statics and numbers related to the Judaized mercenaries, to the current time statics showed that 2200 were forced by military establishment to accept the Jewish religion, while in 2007 only  was 1000 cases.


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