Hamas warns of repercussions after new settlement plans

[ 16/08/2011 – 03:06 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas has warned Israel against serious repercussions after Israeli war minister Ehud Barak allowed an additional 277 settlement units to be built in the West Bank Ariel settlement.

The project comes in the framework of a vast new settlement project in occupied Jerusalem including some 4,300 new units.

In a press statement, Hamas warned the Israeli occupation authorities against continuing settlement projects, holding them responsible for the repercussions that come after those decisions.

“The encroachment of settlements expanding throughout the West Bank confirms the failure of the alleged peace option with the occupation (Israel), and highlights the importance of reconsidering the national strategy for the Palestinians based on the principle of resistance, which is able to stop the expansion of settlement projects,” Hamas said in the statement, calling on the world community and Arab states to pressure Israel to stop its crimes against the Palestinians.

In a separate statement, Palestinian MP Jamal Sakik called for support of the resistance in the West Bank in order to address the settlement expansion issue.

He also emphasized the need for abolishing the Palestinian Authority’s security coordination with Israel

Ariel, located in the West Bank governorate of Salfit, to the southwest of Nablus city, is one of the largest Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

100 of the new units are slated to house Jewish settlers evacuated from the Gaza Strip after Israel’s military withdrawal in 2005.


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