Resheq: Hamas backs any effort leading to recognition of Palestinian rights

[ 16/08/2011 – 05:00 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Political bureau member of Hamas Ezzet Al-Resheq has affirmed that his movement supported any political or diplomatic effort aimed at rallying international support for the recognition of Palestinian rights.

He explained in a statement to the PIC on Tuesday that those rights should include liberation, self-determination, and a fully sovereign state.

He stressed, however, that such moves should be part of an agreed upon national strategy that guarantees Palestinian rights.

Resheq pointed out that Hamas supported the establishment of a Palestinian state on 1967 borders, in harmony with all Palestinian factions, that is coupled with the return of refugees and dismantling of settlements without recognizing Israel.

Hamas believes that resistance and steadfastness are the means toward restoring rights, liberating occupied land, and establishing the Palestinian state, the Hamas leader said, asserting that Hamas does not depend on the UN or the Security Council to attain rights.

Resheq in a separate statement to Quds Press said that the current visit to Cairo by a Hamas delegation was at the invitation of the Egyptian leadership to discuss Palestinian developments, Palestinian reconciliation, and Palestinian-Egyptian relations.

Asked whether the visit pertained to the prisoners’ exchange deal with Israel, he said that the visit was not related to the swap deal.


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