Boycott Call for Gaza Solidarity

PNN – Palestine News Network –  0.08.11 – 17:18

Nablus – PNN – The People’s Party of Palestine (PPP) organized a march in Nablus yesterday, calling for a boycott Israeli goods to show solidarity with the people of Gaza.

ImageKhalid Mansour, a member of the PPP’s policy unit, called for shoppers to always check the products they buy. He claimed that purchasing goods made in Israel or the settlements contributed to ‘Israel’s purchasing of the bullets which kill Palestinian citizens.’

Mansour added that the boycott was a form of resistance and that it would ‘damage the economy of the occupation’. It could also be a show of solidarity with Gazans, he claimed.

The march passed through the market area of Nablus, where protesters were met with cheers from merchants and shoppers alike.

According to the PPP, Israeli meat, cigarettes and water have already seen a drop in sales due to the boycott.


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