Criminal Zionism will bring about lasting disaster unto Jews

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[ 19/08/2011 – 11:12 PM ] | PIC

Some of the victims of occupation airstrikes on Gaza

By Khalid Amayreh 

Israeli leaders have nearly lost their composure, reacting to a rare resistance attack originating from the Sinai Peninsula near the southernmost town of Um al Rushrash, renamed by the Zionists as Elat.

Appearing existentially anxious and morbidly hypochondriac, Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu was behaving in a conspicuously convulsive manner.

He vowed to murder Palestinians, saying “we must kill those trying to hurt Jews.” Netanyahu, an inherently dishonest and racist politician, thought that the only way Israel could prove her military might was by ganging up on nearly helpless and virtually undefended Gazans who are languishing under a lingering blockade that has made the coastal enclave very much a modern-day version of the Warsaw Ghetto.

But like the rest of the Zionist establishment, Netanyahu is living in a state of denial. He easily forgets or ignores the fact that Israel itself is a gigantic crime against humanity if only because that state happens to be the effect of the grandest land theft in history.

In fact, Israel not only occupies the ancestral homeland of another people, the Palestinians, but is also trying rather incessantly to ethnically cleanse the native Palestinians and obliterate the Arab-Islamic identity of their patrimonial homeland from time immemorial.

The resistance operation in southern Palestine was not thunder on a clear day. The brutal occupation of Palestine by East European Jews, shipped to the Holy Land in order to compensate them for the German holocaust, created a quagmire of problems that won’t go away until the slate is wiped clean.

No one is against the principle of Jews living peacefully in Palestine. However, Jews or any other people have no right to lord it over the truly native people of the land or worse, enslave, torment, oppress, and murder them as Israel has been doing ever since its misbegotten birth sixty-three years ago.

The Palestinians are an integral part of the awakening Arab and Muslim world. They would never ever allow themselves to become the aboriginals of Palestine, nor the Seminoles, Cherokees, or Navahos of the region. Their attachment to the land is umbilical and their memories don’t succumb easily to oblivion.

Hence, the latest incident near Elat should be viewed as a mere reminder to all concerned that no matter what level of insolence and arrogance of power Israel is maintaining or aspiring to reach, Zionists will continue to live a life of anxiety, insecurity and instability.

Israelis can’t and won’t have peace if the Palestinians are not granted justice. But true justice for the Palestinian people would effectively spell the end of the state known as Israel . In fact, this summarizes the conflict in Palestine in one small nutshell.

So, let the Zionist establishment not go euphoric about Jewish control over U.S. Congress, politics and policies, because even the mighty American empire will have to meet its days of demise sooner or later.

The Nazi-like Israeli state (Nazi-like because when Jews or anyone else think, behave and act like the Nazis, they effectively become Nazis themselves) is unlikely to change course until it is too late. This is why they will continue to murder Palestinians, steal their land, destroy their homes, and banish them away from their families and beloved ones. Israel will also continue to try to consummate Jewish fascism in the same manner the German Nazis had tried to consummate theirs. And, certainly, the Zio-Nazis will meet their ineluctable fate more or less the same way the German Nazis had met theirs.

One would have hoped that the voices of wisdom and reason would prevail among the Jewish community in this land. However, with Zionism, which is nothing less than Jewish Nazism despite efforts to portray a different image through its vast network of propaganda and hasbara, succeeding in transforming most Jews from basically decent people with a special concern for justice and fairness into land thieves, child-killers and hate-mongers, the face of world Jewry seems to have irreversibly changed to the worse.

This is certainly a bad omen for Jews, especially those who wouldn’t stand up for justice, and opt just to go with the flow because Zionism represents the Zeitgeist or spirit of the time.

Jews had experienced such episodes several times when they incurred the disastrous consequences of their insolence, vanity, arrogance of power and criminality. But this time, they most likely will meet the mother of all disasters because the modern-day Golden Calf, which is Zionism, has succeeded in blinding the eyes and obliterating the senses of most Jews..

When the Roman Jewish historian Josephus, author of the “Jewish War,” described the destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of the Romans more than 2000 years ago, he spoke of a city that “deserved these terrible misfortunes on no other account than that she produced a generation such as brought about its ruin.”

I am certain that future historians, Jewish and otherwise, would write more or less the same thing about the arrogant and conceited generation of Zionists who are going to bring about a lasting disaster to the Jewish people, thanks to their corruption, immorality and evil deeds.


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