And they did it again! IOF Spokesperson Caught Tweeting (Vanishing) Propaganda…

The tweet below was catched, just before it was removed again by IDFSpokesperson from twitter, so let’s analyze some #FACTS & #LIES by Israel’s most moral spokesperson

The Lies…

  1. Hamas did not break any law, it was Israel starting the violence without any evidence nor connection, and even while Hamas  in Gaza denied any responsibility for any alleged attack.
  2. Gaza does not have “mortar-shells with white phosphorus” maybe the Iron Dome took one of themselve down, OR, whenever it would have been true, let’s be fictional for a moment…..  they returned that which was send to them by Israel, written on it “Made in Israel”
  3. Illegal substances in inhabited areas. Get real! The pro’s hitting highly densed areas and committing these crimes is Israel. Pounding indiscriminate tons of (illegal) weaponry on an air/ground/sea besieged dense populated area which is called Gaza aka world’s largest open air prison in the world.
  4.  Watch it here. And here. And here.

To put things in perspective: This is what white phosphorus does shot by Israel during Cast Lead:


It gets worse. (Warning: Only click of you can bear it and if your stomach is really tough this from the hospital in Gaza)  DIME, depleted uranium,flechettes and more illegal weaponry… 3000 tons of bombs thrown on Gaza of which 100 tons on the 1st day of Cast Lead 2008-2009. To read more about the special and even experimental weaponry sponsored by US to Israel read the Special Topic: Israel’s Weapons a Crime on Humanity

To stay updated on the magnitude of destruction without any evidence nor reason on Gaza, watch the pictures Gaza Under Attack

You should be shocked!

These indiscriminate attacks and massacres go on for 63 years nowTo create the state of Israel is committed over 77 massacres, ongoing, recently updated and the ongoing massacre of Israeli occupation  in which 160 people we’re slained only this year 2011 until now…..  was neither covered by your media.

Neither did the 2 year old Islam Qreqa’a get into the headlines.  Meet 5-yr-old Islam Qreqa’a – BEFORE & AFTER Israeli Attack

Shaheed Islam Qreqa'a - 2 Years Old

Speaking about Law…

Maybe IOFSpokesperson did some soulsearching and decided to remove his tweet for it is a venomous LIE!  And because we do not want people to get punished in the hereafter we  want to remember the Tzahal to the following spoken by G-d:

He who speaks untruths shall not stand before My eyes’ Psalms 101:7

In Pictures

Album Ethnic Cleansing of Negev Bedouin

Album House Demolitions

Settlement Construction

Not only Muslims Palestinians are subjected to Israel’s Policies:
Zionist Crimes Against Christianity

New Album: Christians in Palestine

More pictures in the Gallery

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