Al-Khalil: 55 Palestinians injured in clashes with IOF

[ 22/08/2011 – 10:31 AM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Some 55 Palestinians were left injured Monday morning after violent clashes with Israeli occupation forces across Al-Khalil governorate in the West Bank.

More than 55 Palestinians were hit by rubber bullets or suffered from the effects of breathing tear gas or were battered after IOF troops raided several homes and after clashes broke out in various parts of Al-Khalil city, Palestinian medical sources said.

Locals said IOF troops set off a blast inside the home a Hamas activist Mahmoud al-Qawasimi, who has been held in Israeli prisons for the past seven years, causing major damage.

Scores of military vehicles raided the Wadi Abu Katila district in northwest Al-Khalil, where the Qawasimi residence sits. They detained and questioned on the ground dozens of locals, also raiding other homes.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers responded with ammunition and tear gas as youths hurled stones and empty bottles at Israeli soldiers during sporadic clashes which broke out in the city’s Bab al-Zawya.

Similar clashes erupted in the city’s Tariq ibn Ziyad junction, driving the IOF troops to call for large reinforcements to the area. A hunt for demonstrators was launched without report of arrest.

The clashes come a day after the IOF carried out one of the largest arrest raids in Al-Khalil since 2003.


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