Demonstration infront of David city settlement in #Silwan

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Monday, 22 August, 2011 | 01:52 | « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC)

Immediately after the fast of Ramadan ended, tenths of the Sheikh Jarah solidarity movement and Silwan resdients  Protested  in front of the city of David settlement entrance in Wadi hilweh neighborhood in Silwan .
This mentioned site  was constructed  over  a land owned by a Palestinian Family which was confiscated  by  the Authority of  absentees properties law      (the holder of  discriminative and bad reputation  ) for the sake of Elad settlement Assosiation  although the  real and the legal inheritance of the land Fatemah Shehadeh   Qaraeen lives in Silwan.
The protestors gathered to protest against  the musical Parties which were organized by
Elad settlement Assosiation  during the month of Ramadan . Some who participated in the parties claimed that they were singing  for peace , but one of the citizens of  Silwan replied to the settlers”These are the ones who steal  what is left for us to live , they order to prison us , chase our children innocence , they run over our children and assault residents add to this there clear Agenda to judaiz  a great area of Silwan by changing the names of the streets from Arabic into biblical ones , At the end they come rudely and try to deceive the whole world  by claiming that they are  peace callers.
The protesters called  for forcing the settlers to leave Silwan and give  the opportunity to the people in Silwan to practice their natural right to  live freely on their lands  and the Palestinian children  shouted against the presence of  armed settlements guards who impose a serious danger on their lives.
The employees of  Elad settlement Assosiation  prevented locals from passing by through the a pavement In Wadi Hilweh  supported by the Israeli forces  worth Mentioning that The Israeli forces are extremely hated  by locals in Silwan for their  work and action in Silwan according to the Agenda of El Ad and so far they call them the slaves of settlers.
Palestinian Locals justifies the town anger by saying That these musical parties take place at the Time of night and exactly at the time of Ramadan prayers Taraweeh, in an attempt of judaizing the area.


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