Israel to expel Palestinian activists

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PressTV -Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:10AM GMT
Israel plans to expel 384 Palestinian activists from East al-Quds (Occupied Jerusalem) on grounds of their activities in the occupied land.

Some of the activists say they have been threatened to be exiled from al-Quds after the holy month of Ramadan when the Palestinian Authority (PA) seeks to obtain statehood for Palestine at the United Nations, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

Political observers say the transfer of Palestinians from al-Quds indicates the systematic Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing in the occupied city.

“This step of transferring elites from East al-Quds is part of the Judaization blueprint; part of emptying the city of its original inhabitants,” said political activist Ahmad Rafeeq Awad.

Palestinians will attempt to obtain recognition of a sovereign state when the UN General Assembly meets in September. The United States and the Israeli regime remain opposed to the move.

Palestinian activists say they have discovered that Israel also plans to demolish more homes in al-Quds, particularly in the neighborhood of Silwan.

In September 2010, Israel resumed the expansion of illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories after a 10-month partial freeze, prompting PA leaders to break off the US-sponsored talks with Tel Aviv that had resumed after a lengthy stalemate.
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