Injured CodePink activist Rae Abileah to file suit against Netanyahu supporters


Palestine News Network 23.08.11 – 13:47

New York – PNN – Rae Abileah, campaigner in the American organization for peace and social justice CodePink, has decided to file a law suit against unidentified Benyamin Netanyahu supporters who caused her injuries.

Abileah, a 28 year-old peaceful activist of Israeli decent, was injured in Congress during Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s speech in front of Congress members and lobbying organization AIPAC last May.
After 10 minutes of Netanyahu talking about the support the United States give Israel to ensure its security, the threat that Palestinians pose to the Israeli people and the unity of Israel and the United States as two democracies fighting terrorism successfully, earning him no less than 26 ovations, Rae Abileah stood up and shouted  “No more occupation. Stop Israeli war crimes. Equal rights for Palestinians. Occupying land is indefensible.”
She was abruptly silenced by 4 or 5 people who violently grabbed her and pushed her. She suffered from neck injuries and was taken to the hospital. She had to wear a neck brace for a few weeks.
Abileah has now decided to file a suit in District of Columbia Superior Court. She explained on the CodePink website that she hopes to make those who silence the truth about what is happening in Palestine “held accountable for their illegal actions”. Her attorney added that the way Abileah has been treated reflects the way peaceful demonstrators are treated by Israel.
CodePink: Women for Peace is an anti-war organization, born from a movement against the War in Iraq in 2002. It has now expanded its struggles, and fights notably against Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and war crimes.


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