Myth to create land for the landless

PressTV –  Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:15AM GMT
By Dr. Seyyed Reza Mousavi-Nia

“There is no such thing as the Palestinian people; not that we came and forced them out, there never was such a thing.” Goldmeier

“It’s the responsibility of the Israeli leaders to transparently and bravely explain some of the realities that have slipped the mind over time. The first issue is that without the expulsion of the Arabs and the appropriation of their lands, it would be meaningless to talk about Zionism, colonization, and the formation of a Jewish country.” (Ariel Sharon)

“The division of the Israeli territory is illegal and will never be officially recognized. Israel will once again be revived for the Israeli people. All of it and forever.” (Menachem Begin)

“Israel will create such a situation in the future 10 to 20 years that the displaced Palestinians would naturally and voluntarily migrate from the Gaza strip and the West Bank to Jordon.” (Ishaq Rabin)

“We have to expel the Arabs and confiscate their lands.” (David Ben-Gurion)

“We want no one to go to sleep at nights in Gaza … I have always believed in the everlasting and historical right of the Israeli people over all this land and still believe in it to this today.” ( Ehud Olmert, during the 22-day offensive on Gaza)

These are segments of the assertions made by the senior Israeli leaders in the not too distant past that James Petras has referred to in the book “The Power of Israel in the United States”

These statements and today’s stance of the Israeli regime and its treatment of the displaced Palestinians, the Gaza siege, persistence with settlement plans, disregarding the widespread resolutions of the international organizations and … shows that the Israeli mindset cannot in nature tolerate the presence of a sovereign Palestinian state.

The important question is what features in the essence of the Israeli regime prevent it from putting up with an independent Palestinian state?

If we would not want to go too far back, the 16th century is a suitable point to get a grasp of the essence of the Zionist mentality; where the religious reform movement followed by the Renaissance in Europe put an end to the ecclesiastical despotism.

Subsequent to the religious reforms and the appearance of the Protestantism school of thought, which was referred to as the breeze of freedom, the Jews were granted the permission to freely propagate their thoughts. The declaration of one’s Jewish faith had been strictly forbidden in the era of the church tyranny and the Jews, fearing their lives, concealed their beliefs and presented themselves as Christians.

In the wake of the religious reforms, the Renaissance Movement became the starting point for the deviation of some of the Jewish scholars to influence Europe with their misrepresented thoughts and readings. Considering the Jewish scholars’ command of the text of the Old Testament, the Europeans referred to them and some of the Jews proffered their deviant readings of the holy texts and history.

Gradually, the Europeans cast aside their animosity towards the Jews. The first group of openly declared Jews entered the Netherlands in 1591 and seven years later, the Jewish religion was officially recognized there. They took up trade in Holland and other countries avariciously opened their gates to the Jews after seeing their success in business.

After entering countries like Holland, Denmark, France and Britain, the deviant current cunningly induced their beliefs on the Christians. Britain was influenced more than any other country, so much so that the religious reform of Christianity there was inextricably entangled with the Jewish doctrine.

For the deviant current, Britain was the springboard to Palestine; just as Menasseh Ben Israel, the engineer of the plan of reaccepting the Jews in Britain, had said: “It had been inspired to me, the Jews had to settle in Britain so that the path of their resettlement in Palestine may be smoothed.”

Meanwhile, the Zionist Puritans, through their distortion of the Holy Book of Torah, played an outstanding role in the propagation of the Jewish deviatory thoughts in Britain and their leader, Oliver Cromwell, proposed the plan of the Jewish settlement in Palestine and the necessity of mounting a Jewish government.

The Zionist Movement, which is a distorted Jewish current, had, through the support of its material capacities and intellectual influence in the philosophical and literary circles of Europe, made the establishment of Israel a European ideal; in a way that the political leaders of Europe, especially Britain, and then the US, saw the formation of a Jewish state as a duty and honor for themselves.

The British Paper The Times, for instance, writes in 1840: “We deeply believe that just as the almighty has promised, anyone who abets the distinguished Jewish people, who are currently afflicted by misery, would be rewarded.”

Thus, the occupation of Palestine for the Zionists (the deviant current) had not been an ideal originally, but that it became a European ideal after some centuries. This point is of significance as it helps to comprehend that the Israeli regime is not simply a mere material presence which was forged in 1948, but that it is a perverted concept whose essence is based upon the distortion of the Holy Book of Torah and history.

To forestall the disclosure of their deviatory notions, the Israeli intellectual leaders have resorted to mythologizing. There are myths in every country, but the difference of the Israeli mythologies with those of other countries is that Israel has based its being and survival upon these legends. Such fabricated myths are the result of the distortion of Torah and history and, interestingly enough, having any skepticism about them is regarded as a major deviation.

The myths of the Holy Book, the Holy Land, the distinguished nation, the promise of freedom, ethnic cleansing, the myth of their return, the exile and displacement, the myth of the historical existence of Israel, the centrality of Israel for the Jews, impeccable life for Jews, anti-fascism myth, the Nuremberg Trials, Holocaust, and finally the myth of the land without people for the people without land, are all the result of the distortion and political interpretation of the Zionist Movement of Torah and history for the bogus and imposed government of Israel to be formed and to survive on the basis of sustaining these myths.

For the international Zionism, recognizing the sovereignty of the Palestinian state means the challenging of these myths and the questioning of these myths means the cave-in of the foundation of Israel. The truth is that the fabricated and imposed nature of the Israeli regime cannot tolerate an independent Palestinian state within its borders. So, what is to be done?

Moshe Dayan, one of the Israeli leaders, had once said that: “Israel should act like a rabid dog, the annoying of whom would be dangerous.”

Does the human reason permit one to sit before a rabid dog and hold negotiations with him?

For close to half a century the Islamic Republic school of thought has offered the most judicious method to combat Israel. The Resistance Movement of Lebanon also vindicated the correctness of this mindset in the 33-day war.

The prudent and beneficial strategy is holding sticks and stones before this wild dog. Most certainly, sitting before this rabid dog and inviting it to negotiation would only lead to the bruising and quartering of oneself.


Source: PressTV

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