Netanyahu: Escalation of Violence Must be Avoided

PNN – Palestine News Network  23.08.11 – 13:39

Jerusalem – PNN – The Israeli Cabinet voted to take steps to reduce the possibility of an escalation in violence this week, reported Haaretz.

The cabinet voted on Monday to abide by the truce that Hamas had declared at the weekend; the meeting involved many defence and security experts and resulted in the decision to try and reduce the chances of more violence.
Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Defense Minister Ehud Barack offered strongly as to why Israel should reduce its attacks on the Gaza Strip. They focussed primarily on the ideas that continuing to barrage Gaza with air strikes would result in international isolation; the Iron Dome rocket system – currently used to intercept rockets fired towards Israel – has limited capabilities and cannot offer a complete form of defence; and that any all-out war with Gaza could also result in worsening diplomatic ties with Egypt.
Some MKs have been urging the Israeli government to respond more harshly to the rockets that have been fired into Southern Israel from the Gaza Strip.
Quoted in Israeli daily Haaretz, one of Netanyahu’s aides stated: “There’s a sensitive situation in the Middle East, which is one big boiling pot; there’s the international arena; there’s the Palestinian move in the United Nations in September, we have to pick our way carefully.”
Talking about the Iron Dome system the aide said “If we had even one more battery, we could defend another medium-sized city. That’s precisely why we need to prepare instead of rushing into war.”


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