The Flying Chair

PNN – Palestine News Network – 23.08.11 – 13:06

Ramallah – PNN – Fadi Abu Sa’da – In September, leaders from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) will ask the UN to grant Palestine full member status – and a chair of its own.
ImageBut that’s something a new group of Palestinian activists aren’t leaving to chance. ‘Palestine Deserves’, a collection of young businessmen and women from all over the West Bank, are set to travel the world with their very own chair to drum up support for the PLO’s bid.
Coloured in traditional UN blue, the chair was designed and made in such a way that it can even be packed away and carried in a suitcase.
Ayman Sbeih, an engineer and member of the ‘Flying Chair’ group explained what motivated them.
‘Don’t you think Palestine deserves to be a country like any other country that has security and stability? We just want to hope for a better future. Isn’t it now time for the world to recognise our national identity which was stolen from us decades ago?
‘Isn’t it now the right time to stop the longest occupation in modern history?’
Taking rights
Ayman told PNN how the idea came about. ‘We thought a lot about how we could help Palestine get its rightful place amongst the Nations. We thought a lot about how we could gather as much international support as possible in order to make the Palestinian dream a reality. We realised that the only way to make this happen was to demand our membership of the UN and to declare Palestine a country.
‘We believe that rights are taken and not given.’
Sbeih added that because they were paying for the trip themselves, with the help of some West Bank businesses and NGOs, funding would be somewhat limited. They plan to visit only the countries that are directly connected with Palestine’s bid for statehood at the UN: Russia, the EU, Qatar, Lebanon and the US itself.


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