Israeli court extends detention of Jazeera reporter Allawi

[ 24/08/2011 – 11:04 AM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli occupation’s Salem military court on Monday extended arbitrarily the detention of Al-Jazeera reporter in Afghanistan Samer Allawi for eight more days.

Allawi’s family said that he was brought to the court under heavy military guard and barred from shaking hands or talking with any member of his family, affirming that he appeared during the trial in a difficult health condition.

Allawi told the court he had not seen a doctor since his detention in solitary conferment in Jalama jail and his health was getting worse because he suffers from diabetes, asthma and respiratory allergies.

He added that the Israeli jailers shackle his feet when he suffers from a diabetic coma or bout, but the court did not give any attention to what he said.

The defense lawyer, for his part, demanded the immediate release of Allawi because the Israeli prosecutor was unable to level or prove any charge against his client.

The biased court decided at the end of the hearing to extend the detention of Allawi at the pretext of a secret intelligence report submitted by the Israeli prosecutor.

The court claimed that the report contained serious information proving that Allawi poses a threat to Israel’s security without clearly stating what was in that alleged report.

For his part, Allawi’s brother, Musab, said the court verdict to extend his brother’s detention was part of a conspiracy against his brother and Al-Jazeera satellite channel, affirming that his brother is not engaged in any political activity and he is only a reporter and director of Al-Jazeera office in Afghanistan.


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