Spain: ‘Time is right’ for Palestine Recognition

PNN – Palestine News Network –  24.08.11 – 13:56

Spain’s minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez that Spain is pushing the European Union to work towards the recognition of a Palestinian state.

According to Jimenez, who was speaking in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País, the two state solution “is an objective [Spain] has been trying to achieve for years, and I think this is the time to take a step forward”.

On September 2, Foreign Ministers from the European Union will meet in Sopot, Poland, in a summit that will focus on the Middle East. Syria’s and Libya’s crises will be the main topic on the agenda, along with Palestine’s bid for recognition at the UN.

Madrid advocates a unified position of support for the Palestinians at the UN amongst all EU member states. In the event that this is not achievable, however, it would like see a majority of states acting together. It considers this approach would be more useful for their bid than only isolated declarations of support.

‘We feel that now is the time to do something and give Palestinians hope that their state may become a reality,’ said Jimenez, ‘We have to give a signal, or frustration will build among the Palestinian population,’ she added. ‘They too want to be part of the movement towards democracy and freedom which the Arab world is going through at the moment.

She added that, ‘Going to the United Nations can’t be seen as an act of hostility against anyone… It’s much better to use international legal channels than any other method.’

Together with Palestine recognition, Jimenez also emphasized the need to revive negotiations between Israel and Palestine. “We also call for dialogue between the parties to discuss the consequences of this recognition regarding the capital, refugees, borders, etc.” she said.


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