Egyptian flag still flying over Israel’s embassy in Cairo

[ 25/08/2011 – 11:34 AM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– The Egyptian flag that was raised by young man Ahmed Al-Shahhat on the roof of Israel’s embassy in Cairo is still seen flying alone, according to eyewitnesses on Tuesday morning.

Earlier rumor had it that the Israeli flag was raised once again over the embassy next to the Egyptian flag.

For his part, governor of Asharqiya province Azzazi Azzazi decided to honor Egyptian young man Ahmed Al-Shahhat who removed Israel’s flag from its embassy in Cairo and replaced it with the Egyptian flag.

Azzazi said he would honor Shahhat in a ceremony held at the province headquarters, and pledged to give him a government job worthy of his stature as a national hero and an apartment for his intended marriage, according to news reports from Cairo.

In another context, grand imam of Al-Azhar mosque and university Ahmed Al-Tayeb warned Israel of the Egyptian people’s wrath, stressing they can no longer tolerate its criminal actions and its constant disrespect of all agreements and international resolutions.

Tayeb hailed the Egyptian youth for their revolutionary spirit and their rejection of Israel’s aggression against Egypt and demanded the Arab leaders to respond to the will of their peoples and help them to get their legitimate rights.


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