United Nations urged to condemn Israel’s detention of Palestinian reporters

[ 25/08/2011 – 04:02 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian Institute for Communications and Development has called on the the world community to condemn Israel’s recent violations of press freedoms as five Palestinian reporters remain in Israeli custody.

The calls come after Israel’s Salem military court extended the detention of Al-Jazeera reporter Samer Allawi, 46, the day after the arrest of two more reporters in the occupied West Bank.

Allawi, who heads Al-Jazeera’s Afghanistan bureau, was arrested last week during a visit to his family in Sabastea near Nablus in northern West Bank.

The other West Bank reporters recently arrested by Israel include Useid Amarina, 26, who works for Al-Aqsa Channel, Amir Abu Arafah, a reporter for the local Shehab agency, Mohammed Bisharat, 25, and Nawwaf al-Amer, a program coordinator for Al-Quds Channel.

Amer has been placed in administrative detention and is being held without charges.

In the Gaza Strip, a violent Israeli air strike on civilian structures caused major damage to government and non-governmental organizations. Among those hit was the Gaza office of China’s Xinhua News Agency.


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