Inhumane treatment meted to lawyers visiting Palestinian captives

[ 26/08/2011 – 05:04 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC) Anan Oudeh, layer for Al-Dameer Institute for Welfare of Captives said that layers visiting Palestinian captives suffer inhumane treatment when visiting their clients in Israeli occupation jails.

Oudeh said, in a statement on Thursday, that he went to visit some captives at Askalan central prison but discovered that such meetings take place in a small room, which has no air-conditioning or proper ventilation.

Oudeh was let into the “interview room”, the door was locked and he was left there for an hour without any captive brought in, and he could not communicate with the prison administration because there was no telephone in the room.

He said that after being left for this time “I began having breathing difficulty and I felt my blood pressure rising. I began to scream for help through the small window, but the prison guards who passed by the window just ignored my pleas for help.”

He adds “When I felt my condition getting worse I started banging on the door using a chair in the room until someone came and asked to get out and asked for an ambulance which took me to Barzilai hospital.”

Occupation prison administrations, particularly that of Askalan prison, do not facilitate meetings between captives and their layers as stipulated in the Israeli law itself. They usually waste layers time by long delays in bringing in captives for interviews.

Al-Dameer condemned the inhumane practices in Israeli occupation jails and said that those practices do not meet the lowest standards of captives’ rights and held the Israeli prison service responsible for the wellbeing of its lawyer Anan Oudeh.


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