Quds Day shows support for Palestine

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PressTV -Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:22PM GMT

Interview with Saeb Shaath, Author and Middle East Affairs expert.

Designated by the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini back in 1979, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan marks the International Al-Quds Day.

For more than 60 years, since the Palestinians were forced out of their homeland and lost their state to the Zionist occupiers from Europe, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been unresolved.

In a Press TV interview, Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East Affairs expert shed more light on the development. The following is a rush transcription of the interview:

Press TV: Many worldwide, Mr. Shaath, wonder what the annual Int’l Quds Day rallies have achieved. Your thoughts?

Shaath:It’s a very important day, specially for the Palestinians. When they see the international solidarity with them on that day [which] emphasizes on the illegality of the adaptation of Jerusalem, al-Quds, by the Israeli, Zionist state, and the other regimes in the Arab world, ignoring the fact that al-Quds is an occupied territory.

And they are not supporting the Palestinian people, who are facing ethnic cleansing, and facing the Judaization or their cities, changing the name of their cities and neighborhoods, to Hebrew names, biblical names.

Introducing even fake archaeology to prove there was some sort of Jewish heritage in that city which there was none. All of that is highlighted in the International al-Quds day.

And the solidarity movement expands from Canada, to the US, and to Europe, to London marches, and you see a lot of countries like Bahrain banned the al-Quds day for the second consecutive year.

They [Government] afraid that the people are going to demonstrate in Bahrain for the Palestinians will turn against the regime, and that is the case in the Arab World mostly.

That is why the International al-Quds day is very important for the Palestinians to show their solidarity, and to send signal to Arab brothers, [and saying] it’s about time to start supporting the al-Quds.

Since they are facing a huge campaign to uproot them form their own ancient city, Quds is the capital of Palestine. Which is why we [Palestinians] are insisting that this Israeli regime is illegitimate, and they will continue fighting to liberate the capital city, al-Quds.

Press TV: Mr. Shaath, is awareness growing internationally, and is Israel fearful of this?

Shaath: Since Israel is a illegitimate itself, and illegal entity in the Middle East and the Arab world as well. And now there are understanding among youth and old, and there is huge sympathy in west Europe, part of the US as well and recently specially this year with the Palestinians.

So they [Israeli] are facing isolations, and a lot of people know most of what they see on TV, these fanatic Zionists, and how they treat and demonize the people of Palestine, and the Palestinian people with their struggle, and keeping their dignity, command the respect internationally, their [Palestinians] support are grown internationally, which I hope their leadership can capitalize on this.

Press TV: Mr. Shaath, where does one go from here as far as activism for Palestine goes ?

Shaath: It is very important, the activism for Palestine has to be focused on the clear sense. … And there is as well when the activists are raised in the Middle East, formal convoys, formal groups, or even when they go to any Arab country, they face a lot of difficulty, specifically in Egypt.

And try to tell the people to give up, but they won’t. Trust me, any activist arrive into Palestine, they commit rest of their life for the Palestinian cause, since they see the suffering of the Palestinian people, and they get in touch with the human being of the Palestinian, and Palestinian occupied territories.

But at the same time we have to emphasize one point here, the Palestinians regime in West Bank, I want to call it a regime, since it has been installed by Western power; they are seeking the recognition of the statehood, for the Palestinian Authority (PA), in the UN.

Actually they even tried to spilt the international activism or part with it, that support the Palestinians and seeking recognition, and the other part really, rightly understand what that recognition means.

It means replacing the PLO, which is representing all the Palestinians everywhere in the world…, and that will represent all Palestinian people in West Bank and Gaza. And deny nearly 7 million people of their legal representation, and that we see as a dangerous move.

And here the local Palestinian leadership to make sure there is nobody going to cheat them of their rights, like the PA in Ramallah is doing right now.

And that is why I call upon the local Palestinian leadership to put things straight and right and not to throw out the struggle by getting illegal entity, and look after the Palestinian people till they get their right for the self determination.

Then the Palestinian can decide who is going to represent them, the PLO, or PA, unless they get the right for self determination, nobody should play with this.

Because this would jeopardize the right of the Palestinian people to return, which is guaranteed by the UN resolution. And all of that can be thrown away, if the Palestinians Authority in Ramallah succeeds in a tactic putting itself in the place of the PLO.


Video can be watched here


How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all?

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