Abbas: I am ready to resume peace talks with Israelis

[ 28/08/2011 – 10:46 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– De facto president Mahmoud Abbas declared his willingness to listen to any international proposal that can convince him to resume peace talks with Israelis and refrain from resorting to the UN to extract an acknowledgement of a Palestinian state.

Abbas made his remarks on Saturday in a meeting with preachers and mosque imams in Ramallah city.

“We are ready to listen to any acceptable proposal giving us the opportunity to obtain our rights and not to go anywhere (the UN). We say to the West, the Americans and Israelis, bring forth what you have. Until this moment, the world has not given us something new at all,” Abbas told the attendees.

“Now, they are talking about the quartet committee’s meeting. It is ok, we are ready, give us something reasonable. If they (the quartet committee) came up with a solution involving two things, the first thing is the international legitimacy and the 1967 borders, and the second thing is to stop settlement activities, we will go to the negotiations,” he added.

“Our decision to go to the security council is neither aimed to isolate Israel nor to be in confrontation with the US, but to achieve our dream of obtaining official recognition of our Palestinian state with full sovereignty over the 1967 occupied lands, which represents only 22 percent of the total area of historic Palestine,” the de facto head of the Palestinian authority said.


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