Haneyya: No turning back on Palestinian reconciliation

[ 28/08/2011 – 11:16 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Prime minister of the government in Gaza Ismail Haneyya reiterated on Saturday evening that there is no turning back on Palestinian reconciliation, describing national unity as a “safety valve”.

While breaking Ramadan fast with veteran athletes at Yarmouk Stadium in the Gaza Strip, Haneyya said that the national unity that the athletic situation brought about reflected on the political decision for unity.

“Today, the reconciliation agreement has been signed, and there is no turning back. National unity is the safety valve, even though its implementation has been slow,” Haneyya said.

In his speech, Haneyya also condemned Israel’s targeting of athletic facilities during its recent escalation of air strikes on the Gaza Strip, saying there is no justification whatsoever for that. But he confirmed that the attacks would not diminish the government’s support for its athletes.

Also attending the event were Gaza Minister of Youth and Sports Mohammed Madhoun and Walid al-Saadi, who arrived in Gaza as head of an aid convoy from South Africa.


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