Israel bans wife of prisoner from visiting Gilbo’a prisoner for six months

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[ 28/08/2011 – 01:14 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A Palestinian woman has been banned from visiting her husband in the Israeli Gilbo’a prison for six months after she refused to visit him by herself two months ago.

The woman Um Azzam, the wife of long-time prisoner Ali Badr al-Maslamani, has called on the Prisoners’ Affairs Ministry and rights groups for intervention.

“In thirty years of visiting my husband in the Israeli prisons, for the first time I have been banned from visiting him. All these years I have never had any problem in visiting,” said Um Azzam, considering the ban a punitive measure taken against her, her children, and grandchildren.

All ten of the couple’s grandchildren have been banned from visiting Maslamani for the past four years. Um Azzam questioned what right the prison has to separate a grandfather from his grandchildren, given that grandchildren are considered first-degree relatives by the Israeli prisons.

The ordeal began two months ago, when the Gilbo’a prison banned Maslamani’s son Ala and his four-year-old son who he had not seen in three years from visiting him. In turn, Um Azzam refused to visit her husband without them.

Maslamani was released from Israeli custody in a prisoner trade-off in 1985 after a four-year bid, but he was arrested again the same year and sentenced to life in prison. Since then he has served 26 years behind bars.


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