Jerusalem parking lot ‘to be built on private Palestinian land’

Maan News Agency | Published today (updated) 28/08/2011 17:18

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities in Jerusalem are to build a parking lot on privately-owned Palestinian land in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of the city, a local resident told Ma’an.

The compound is to be built on 4,000 square meters of land owned by Kamal Ubeidat, who told Ma’an that he has a deed from the Ottoman era proving ownership of the land.

A warrant signed by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was posted on the property, Ubeidat said.

The warrant said that following a request by the Shimon Hatsadiq association, the Mayor of Jerusalem had agreed to turn land opposite the tomb into “public parking,” noting that the owners of the property had the right to appeal the decision in court within 60 days.

The municipality’s decision is illegal, Ubeidat said, adding that he would challenge the decision.

“Why don’t they grant me a permission to build a parking of my own, when they admit the land is mine?’” He told Ma’an.


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