US Congress takes decrees from Israel

PressTV – Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:25AM GMT
The US Congress is controlled by the ‘Zionist lobbies’ who work in the interest of Israelis, Lawrence Davidson, professor of History at West Chester University, has told Press TV.

“What we’ve got here is a congress, the US Congress, that is really, literally controlled by various Zionist lobbies in the United States on the issue of relationships with Israel,” Davidson said in a Sunday interview with Press TV’s US desk.

“What the Congress does in terms of Israel is what the Zionists tell them they want done and of course take their decrees from Israelis,” he stated.

He further pointed to the US hypocrisy in supporting “Zionists” when they sought the UN recognition of Israel and Washington’s warning of Palestinians against taking similar initiative at the United Nations.

The PA is to formally submit a request to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for membership in the world body on September 20, when the UN General Assembly will commence its 66th session.



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