More incitement: Israel on ‘high alert’ for more attacks

PNN – Palestine News Network -30.08.11 – 14:36

Bethlehem – PNN – The Israeli government is preparing for a possible second wave of attacks on the south of the country, according to the Israeli paper Maariv.

ImageThe newspaper has claimed that the government believes Islamic Jihad (IJ), a militant organisation based in the Gaza Strip, is preparing to attack Israel on its border with Egypt. The Israeli Chief of Staff has ordered southern military units to be on high alert along the length of the border.

The military is sharing intelliegence with its Egyptian counterparts to avoid a repeat of the attacks two weeks ago on Eilat, in which eight Israelis were killed. At the time, Israel claimed that militants from Gaza had entered the country through Sinai after crossing the Egyptian border in underground tunnels.

According to unnamed ‘security sources’, Egyptian authorities are also considering the implementation of a 5 km long ‘buffer zone’ to prevent tunneling from Gaza to Sinai.


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