Landau: Israel should declare sovereignty over occupied territories

[ 31/08/2011 – 01:08 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC)– Israeli minister of infrastructure Uzi Landau said he believed that Israel should unilaterally declare its sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, major settlement blocs in the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip in response to the Palestinians’ intention to seek statehood recognition with the United Nations this September.

Landau, a member of Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu party, told Israeli Radio Wednesday morning that silence over the Palestinians’ step would be a disaster, and that practical steps must be taken to ensure Israeli security and let the Palestinians understand that they cannot impose their vision for a solution to the conflict on Israel.

In recent weeks, Landau was sent by Israel’s Foreign Ministry to Chile, Colombia, and Australia to lobby against supporting the Palestinians’ UN bid.


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