Masri: Arrest of MP Yousef demonstrates failure to break Palestinians’ will

[ 02/09/2011 – 08:56 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Mushir al-Masri, spokesman of the Hamas bloc on the Palestinian Legislative Council, has condemned Israel’s continued persecution of Palestinian MPs as an act of piracy after Israel’s arrest of MP Hassan Yousef on Wednesday.

In a statement, Masri said Israel’s targeting of Palestinian politicians is an expression of its criminal and terrorist mentality and disdain for international laws.

He said Israel’s repeated abductions of the MPs demonstrate Israel’s failure to break the will of the Palestinians’ representatives as they are determined to uphold their people’s rights.

He reiterated calls to world parliaments to take responsibility and turn statements of condemnation into practical steps that ensure a stop to Israel’s practices with regards to Palestine’s legislature.

Masri confirmed that the Palestinians are united in addressing Israel’s crimes against the people, political figures, and leaders and in thwarting any moves that could give Israel a cover for its crimes or improve its image.

Israeli occupation forces arrested Wednesday Palestinian MP Hassan Yousef, who was released just a month ago after spending the entire duration of his term in office in a six year detention bid in Israeli prisons.


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