Report: Israel arrested 15, deported 30 pro-Palestinian activists in August

[ 03/09/2011 – 05:07 PM ]

PARIS, (PIC)– Some 15 activists were arrested and 30 were deported last month in a wave of incitement against pro-Palestinian activists, a French rights group said in a report marking the end of August.

The report says extremist Israeli groups are behind what it called an “incitement campaign” led by the Zionist lobby, with support from anti-Arab, anti-Muslim organizations in Europe.

The report adds that pro-Palestinians who joined the “flotilla” last month were not only arrested in Tel Aviv, but they were also dismissed from their jobs and their pictures were posted on Facebook along with comments: “These are the enemies…supporters of the anti-Semites”.

The Zionist lobby and the Israeli foreign ministry have used pressure on many states to ban pro-Palestinian activities, the statement says, pointing out that the Israeli army arrested last month alone 15 foreign activists in separate locations and placed them under interrogation in harsh circumstances and prevented them from entering the occupied Palestinian territories.

It also deported thirty activists who were arrested in Jerusalem and locations across the West Bank and prevented them from entering the territories saying they posed a threat to security.

The organization said it was deeply concerned over the dangerous escalation against pro-Palestinian activists in what it called an attempt to isolate the Palestinians and impose inhumane policies on them.

The statement confirmed that the pro-Palestinian campaign would continue to support the just Palestinian struggle until its objectives are attained and the Palestinians achieve an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. It also called on delegations to go to Palestine and join in demanding freedom and independence for the Palestinians and a seat in the United Nations.


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