Demo An-Nabi Salih – Sept 2, 2011 – video

In January 2010 inhabitants of the village Nabi Salih began the weekly demonstrations against the occupation and a crawl annexation of the lands by the settlement of Halamish, Which was built in entirety on lands of the villages Nabi Salih and Dir Nizam.


The settlers also disturbing to the cultivation of lands that not yet were annexed, burnt and uprooted hundred of the villages olive trees and they try to expropriate from the Palestinians also adjacent spring. The army operates a hard suppression towards the demonstrations : The demonstrations are assaulted without every provocation from side of the residents, inside the built-up area of the village, within heavy blow in each its inhabitants in bullet of metal covered by rubber, tear gas and the skunk fluid.


Also if the separation fence does not pass thelands of the village, it yet cause an enormous economic suppression, to the inhabitants of the village like to the entirety west bank residents. many activists determined to continue in the struggle until end of the occupation, the settlements and the separation.


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