Iranian president affirms support for resistance in a call with Mishaal

[ 04/09/2011 – 11:10 AM ]

TEHRAN, (PIC)– Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has affirmed in a telephone call with Hamas political bureau chairman Khaled Mishaal that Tehran would continue to support the Palestinian people and resistance until victory.

The official Iranian news agency (IRNA) said that Ahmedinejad reached Mishaal over the phone on Saturday to congratulate him on the occasion of Eidul Fitr and told him that the Iranian people would remain in support of Palestine and the Palestinians until liberation.

He said that conditions in the world were changing in favor of resistance and the Palestinian people, adding that the “Zionists’ crimes and murders” would not save them from collapse and eventual defeat.

Mishaal, for his part, said that the Palestinian people would remain adamant along the path of resistance until final victory, stressing that Palestinian people and resistance appreciated the constant Iranian government and people’s support.


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