Children back to school in Gaza amid shortages

PressTV  | Mon Sep 5, 2011 |Ahraf Shannon, Press TV, Gaza
The School year has begun in the Gaza Strip and children returned to their classrooms in the coastal enclave which has been gripped by years of the Israeli blockade.

According to UNICEF, more than 80% of public schools and UNRWA schools work double shifts in the morning and evening due to lack of classrooms.

Israel’s restrictions on importing construction material in to Gaza has forced schools to place students in cramped rooms and cut the class time by third.

Israeli blockade by land, air and sea has led to abject poverty and despair among families and has put children at risk of school dropout and psychological distress.

Even families who could afford private schools in previous years, are not able anymore to enroll their kids in these schools.

According to a UN report, Israeli blockade has left over 45 percent of the workforce without the job, that is one of the highest in the world; and more than four in five are dependent on aid assistance in Gaza, where more than half of the 1.5 million residents are children.

Experts say the future looks bleak For Palestinian children living in Gaza due to unemployment, poverty, and the ongoing Israeli blockade.

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