JDL’s “Travel Agency” call for a “Zionist Militant Rampage Trip”

Above the screenprint of the official announcement as seen on the “Ligue Défense Juive” weblog, inviting Militants with experience to enforce the upcoming and apparently self-forfilling prophecy of a violent crack down in the west bank on Palestinians. Translation:

“The JDL is organizing 19 to 25 September, a trip
solidarity with our Israeli brothers living on the land of our ancestors
Judea and Samaria.

This trip is for militants with military experience: The aim of this expedition is to lend a hand to our brothers face the aggression
of the Palestinian inhabitants  and thus enhance the security features of
Jewish cities in Judea and Samaria.


Operation “Summer Seeds”

The “State of Israel” currently being in the process of arming illegal colonists in the West Bank of Palestine, granting them weaponry, grenades, tear gas, specially trained dogs as well as training by the Israeli forces are going to increase their “activities”.

Previously a “Leaked document” announced “Operation Summer Seeds” in which was stated Israeli forces train and arm settlers to attack Palestinian protesters, in case they go protesting that is. Protesting, as in non violent gathering as usually happens in the West Bank, is a Human Right. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  Art. 20-1 states:

UDHR Art. 20-1 “Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

Disproportional and deliberate violence by occupation forces

Reality in Palestine is unfortunately, that every initiative of non-violent gathering is met with extreme violence, as happened on Nakba Day, Naksa Day and actually, at any weekly or other event or non violent struggle, hence, even homes are attacked in the blind while women and children are hiding in them. Non violent, unarmed civilians, just trying to get attention for the violation of their human rights in daily live, are continously encountered with arrests, violence and manslaughter.

For some live updated examples of demos & how they are cracked down click here.

For video’s of recorded suppressed demos click here

An ongoing genocide

Forget all details. Colonists are illegal settling in the West Bank and Israel is cracking down violent and deadly on people in their own land. A violation of not only human rights but also International Law.

It is only about Ethnic cleansing.  Ongoing now for 63 years. 63 years of massacres while the world is wide asleep, silenced or ignoring the facts, and even invitations for the next one go uncondemned public on the internet.

Under the pretext of so called Statehood bid-threats, “The State of Israel” is already gearing up, preparing it’s mercenaries and now apparently also inviting them to arrange a large scale offensive on Palestinian civilians who have no means to defend themselves at all and just are in search for what is rightfully theirs: a homeland to live in without occupation.

Hate to dissapoint people, truthfully believingin a State of Palestine. It will not change the reality of occupation and the real plans of zionism which are behind the 63 year and ongoing policies of the State of Israel. The call for statehood is merely and actually only a conventient distraction for the zionist regime, and now, an “excuse” to become violent again.

The Greater Israel

To state it very clear and short: Israel is NOT looking for peace nor co-existance.

Israel is looking for this: “The Greater Israel” as Published by Radical Settler Movement

On Aug 30, 2010 , so more than a year ago previous peacetalks were kept and before they started Netanyahu vowed to make no concessions and said: “The Eretz Israel stretches from the mediteranian sea to the river Jordan which includes the whole West Bank as well as Gaza

Previous this years on May 19, 2011 Danny Danon stated in his OP-ED in the New York Times the same: “Making the Land of Israel Whole” confirming Netanyahu’s speech from Aug 30, 2011

Last week Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said : “The land of Israel is ours in its entirety

No surprises for people known with the zionist ideology, the “great” Leaders of Zionism spoke about an Endlösung and creation for a jewish Lebensraum at the cost of Palestine for decades.

Political scientist Meron Benvenisti explained, in fragmenting the Palestinians to pieces – the refugees, the Green Line, Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem. Walls and checkpoints divide them.Each piece lives under different laws and different leaders so the division and fragmentation, makes the vunerabilty of the totalalitarian control even greater and more dangerous.

To achieve this Lebensraum, “The State of Israel” committed only over 77 massacres for it’s creation, and the genocide is still going on, uncodemned by governments. Here a list of all massacres in Palestine.

Event his year, at least 184 people died due to occupation. All human rights abused and ended for the so called security of “Israel”

And watch, with your own eyes, what was ignored by main stream media and even silenced by all governments: The latest massacre on Gaza just 2 weeks ago.

Again, another massacre on Palestinians with not previously seen injuries of unknown weaponry. In this video, the medical director of the hospital in Gaza explains.

▣  How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act?

▣  How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all?

▣  How much more public announcements like this mercenaries trip does mankind with common sense need to open his eyes for the real crimes going on, hence, those which are going to be committed if there will be no intervention?


We call on everyone to share this publication widely and send it to your representatives, so intervention will happen, before Palestine can add another massacre to the list. It has been enough. Please help, to create the awareness for a nation under total siege, brutal and criminal occupation, daily violence, harrassment, humiliation and manslaughter. It has to end.

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